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  1. Knurling Tools

    This tool is mainly suitable for producing RAA straight knurling profiles.Serration between tool holder and cut knurling head provides extra rigidity and reduced wear on the knurling wheels. 5/16″ x 3/4″ Shank, 6 Head Knurling Tool Holdersix head. This knurling tool holder features robust construction with six hardened and precision ground wheels; fine, medium and coarse knurls for forming diamond patterns. It also has a lock knob, used to secure the head and wheels in position.
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  2. Coolant Pump

    COOLANT PUMP AND STEEL TANK SINGLE-PHASE Submersible pump (Plastic Body) & 3PH Cast Iron Immersion-Type Coolant Pump. This in-tank coolant pump is suitable replacement for many coolant pumps used on lathes, milling machines, grinders,mini lathe,drill machine and other machinery. The square-shaped mounting plate has 4 holes.A quick comparison with your coolant pump would determine if it’ll fit.Coolant output connection is NPT female 3/8″ pipe size. Shaft length (the section immersed in coolant tank) is 180mm (7″).
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  3. Drill Stand

    Stand holds 25 drill bits in inch sizes 1 mm to13 mm -Increments and has mounting holes for hanging on a wall -Labeled storage holes for identification and organization -Made of steel for durability Weight: 0.055 Kg
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  4. Feeler Gauge

    A feeler gauge is made up of a series of steel plates or blades which have a progression of very precisely calibrated thicknesses often joined at one end with a pin or rivet and which fold back like a fan into a handle. Each blade is marked with its thickness. A feeler gauge is used to measure or set very small gaps, normally under 1 mm. When the blades are folded back into the handle, the thin, delicate blade are protected. The thickest possible blade that can be inserted into a gap or crack shows its width.Weight: 0.074 Kg
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  5. Centre Drill Bit

    Center Drill bit for drilling components that require machining between centers. Has a 120 & deg point angle with a 60 ° included countersink.
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  6. Lathe Machine Surface Gage

    Surface gage [ 9″]Steel ruler [6″ 12″ 24″] – 3 pic set.Weight : 1Kg. (Approx)
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  7. Milling Dividing Head

    Milling Machine Accessories Use only universal Milling 01/02 Model Adjustable Movements/ Including Plate Common jobs for a : milling cutter, cutting the teeth of a gear, milling curved slots Colour – Light Blue
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  8. Lathe Machine Cutting Tool For 9 To 20 Feet Machine

    Carbide tip tools.Grooving tool.Cut-Off blade.Parting blades.Boring bar.Side tool.
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  9. Lathe Machine Cutting Tool For 3 To 8 Feet Machine

    Carbide tip tools.Grooving tool.Cut-Off blade.Parting blades.Boring bar.Side tool.STRAIGHT FINISHING TOOLS 19 mm x 125mm
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  10. Drill Bit Shank Grind & Sharpening

    This equipment can grind from 3 mm to 18 mm 59 degree For the General Purpose 68 degrees For High production 49 degrees For Soft Material 41 degrees For Counter Sinking 88 degrees For Thin Material.
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  11. Steady Rest

    Makes Lengthy Job ‘Steady’ – Prevents unwanted movement of job – Bearings Available On Pin Tip. To setup the rest, first machine and polish the portion of the work that is to be used as the bearing surface. Clean the portion of the ways where the steady rest is to be mounted, place the steady rest on the ways and clamp loosely. Open the top of the steady rest and place the workpiece in the chuck with the bearing surface over the adjustable jaws. Clamp the steady rest securely to the ways. Close the top of the steady rest and adjust the jaws to the workpiece.Weight: 10 Kg
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  12. Tilting Table

    Use For Redial Drill Machine 0 – 60 Degree Range (Both Side).Height: 300 mm Working: 500mm x 450mm Manufactured from High-Grade Casting.Number of T-slot : 3 Approx Weight : 200 kg.
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  13. Lathe Carriage Stopper For Turning

    6 Station Carriage Stopper For Lathe Machine Free With BANKA Lathe Machine Save Time And Money Low-Cost Lathe Accessories Turner Likes Very Much
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    Grinding Fitting Wheel Size:- 6″ & 8″Motor:- 2800 RPM Spindle Speed:- 3000 EXT./16800 INT.Spindle Pulley:- 2 Inch Motor Pulley:- 2.5 Inch
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  15. Key Way Attachment With Motor

    It’s also useful to make a holes in long shaft.Holds Any Shape JOB – End-mill Cutter gripped with Spindle.Key way attachment with motor works with the movement of Cross Slider.Grooving Operation.
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    Mounts Chuck on a Spindle – LOO Type & A2-4 Type Available – Quick Release – Repeatability – Accurate Mounting – 20 GCI Grade Cast Iron. -Made in accordance with the well-defined quality standards of the industry, these Chuck Plate are widely demanded among patrons. We keep in mind the industry set quality standards while manufacturing these Chuck Plate.Weight: 6 Kg
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  17. Lathe Square Tool Post

    The single tool post consists of a circular body 1 with a collar at one end and a threaded hole at the other. A vertical slot is provided in the body to accommodate the tool/tool holder. The body is slid through the square block 5, which is finally located in the T-slot, provided in the compound rest. The design permits rotation of the body about the vertical axis. – Holds 3 Tool – Fits on Top Slider – Turning & Bore operation Weight: 7 Kg
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  18. Milling – Universal Vice

    Milling Vice Use of universal Milling & Vertical Milling Machin Size : 125 to 150 mm Universal vice laws the Work Piece to be set at any desired compound angle Colour – Black/ Blue/ Gray
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    It’s used for center in the bore of a pipe Securely supports the working job Material like Thin-walled Size: MT-3 MT-4 Weight : 2 Kg. (Approx).
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  20. Degree Protector

    Degree Protector in 6″ / 150mm Consists of a Semi-Circular head Graduated Blade of 8″Length Graduated Up to 6″-15cms.Weight: 0.058 Kg
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  21. Screw Pitch Gauge

    Our Screw Pitch Gauges are very handy tool for gauging threads. We make our Screw Pitch Gauge available at very economical price. -Measuring thread and external thread tooth pitch. -The Screw Pitch Gauge provided by us is made up of high quality tool Steel and is appreciated for its efficiency and high performance.Weight: 0.081 Kg
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